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Technique analysis with -“Smart Coach”

Technique analysis software-for cricket & other sports

  • Video capturing in a live situation for Technique analysis
  • The range of drawing & measurement tools  for on-screen Technical Analysis
  • Dual, Quad synchronized video comparisons
  • Screenshots with written comments
  • Analysis of Pre & Post corrective measures
  • Presentation with single, dual, quad videos, slides, reports & audio comments
  • Templates for coaches to write their comments in any language
  • Reports can be edited by chief coach
  • CDDVD created out of reports can be watched on any Laptop or Desktop for self-analysis
  • User-friendly operations


  • Technical flaws are identified using best of the tools
  • Immediate corrective measures taken on technical flaws during practice sessions resulting  in performance enhancement
  • Recorded audio comments, suggestions from the coach   helps  cricketers to  learn in their own language
  • Self-analysis by players; on the basis of written & audio reports from coaches
  • Sharing knowledge among players& coaches  through case studies
  • Coaches can create a repository of case studies

Click here for Smart Coach Manual