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Coach’s role

Match analysis with Analyzer
1) Multiday 2 ) One day 3) T20
Following reports in detail are very useful in all three formats
a) Player Vs Player – Batsman vs Bowlers & Bowler vs Batsmen
b) Team analysis your team Vs Other teams
c) Multi match analysis
d) Fielding
In addition to the above –
Partnership and TimeSpan reports are useful for multiday matches
Strengths & weakness of players of your own team & opposite teams
Batsman- Check last years videos and match data if available with your video analysts for the matches played at home and away. Then you can prepare for the season to come. Only if there are any new players in the team you may not have their details.
Then analyse on the basis of following-
1) Consistency
2) High scores
3) Low scores and average
4) How out at which batting order & in which situation
5) Is there any repetition of the same mistake then check for technique flaws. Corrected by earlier coaches or not corrected, compare match videos with net session videos for technique analysis
6) Strong in one area and wanting in some for stroke plays
7) Performance on difficult pitches against strong teams and difficult situations
8) Doing well against better teams or only performing against weaker teams
9) Not playing as per teams requirements or as per the situation
10) Not gelling with a partner as a batsman
11) Poor running the wicket
12) No finding gaps
13) Throwing away wicket not converting to big scores
14) Concentration issue
• Number of no-balls & wide balls bowled incomplete last season
• Number of wickets taken and how ? economy rate
• Pace bowler-Pace or swing strong area. Strength and stamina to bowl long spells
• Technique flaws
• Aggression, the ability to quickly analyse the batsman’s weakness and bowl accordingly
• Ability to perform on any pitch and against any side weak or strong
• Match winning ability with available data

One day & T20
The batsman & bowlers analytical parameters will change for One day and T20 formats
Again based on last years data & videos available additional skills required can be analysed

• Strike rate at given batting positions
• Ability convert singles to twos
• Scoring boundaries in any direction of the field and also sixes
• Ability to play innovative shots against any bowler
• Weakness against pace or spin. In spin against a particular type of sin bowler
• Ability to score against Yorker deliveries or slower balls from pace bowlers
• Match winning ability
Economy rate
No balls & wide balls
Wicket taking ability
If a pace bowler ability to use slower deliveries mixed with Yorkers
Spin bowlers to exploit the weakness of batsman by nagging line & length
Match winning ability

All above-mentioned parameters can easily be analysed using ANALYZER Reports